"R&B Singer" - Eric Bellinger (feat. Joe Budden)

This song has so much #SWEG. It’s crazy to catch myself consistently bobbing my head to every song on this 2-disk album!

Listen to Eric Bellinger’s album ‘The Rebirth’ right here on Spotify!

                           H.E.A.R. (Honest Ears Always Relate)

(Source: Spotify)

"Lifes A Cycle" - Jay Rock

If you haven’t listened to the words of Top Dawg Entertainment rapper Jay Rock, now is your chance. Don’t scroll past this post without clicking the play button!

The LA rapper has shown promise of becoming the next Black Hippy success story.

Are you a Jay Rock fan? If so what’s your favorite song? Let us know by leaving a quick comment below!

                              (H.E.A.R.) Honest Ears Always Relate

(Source: Spotify)

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