Take A Shot

A hero that hides behind his cape,

Isn’t a hero at all.

A man that stands behind a woman

Can’t pretend to act tall.

But I can see it in your eyes,

Pupils with the deepest desire

to use their sight to change the world.

You’re are not a bad soul.

But your actions build a concrete wall that

You’ll never get to see the other side of.

The frustration rushes blood to the head,

my voice wants to speak in fists.

But it’s a waste of time to use energy on scarce morals.

Resolving yourself requires change

but to change requires pain.

So whether one decides to take a shot or give one…

Just think….

- Jonathan Brown

                            Honest Ears Always Relate (H.E.A.R.)

"John Doe" - B.o.B feat. Priscilla

"I spent so much time as an underground artist cause I was afraid to succumb to the business and what I’ve become. But that what you judge will become, the path with the greatest resistance.”

With the release of B.o.B’s album Underground Luxury comes the inspirational track ‘John Doe’. Packed with a powerful message and an unbelievable introduction & chorus by Priscilla Renea, this single can easily become a fan favorite.

'John Doe' is a song about self-reflection for individuals who blindly except the person the world has chosen them to be. B.o.B puts it perfectly:

"When I told them my dreams they just said it ain’t logical. Now I can see it, it’s optical."

B.o.B. has always done a good job with encouraging his fans to live with purpose and this song is no exception. Feel free to check out the rest of his album here on ITunes.

Click here to listen to ‘John Doe’ by B.o.B

                                      Honest Ears Always Relate (H.E.A.R.)

"Sweatpants" - Childish Gambino

With the release of Gambino’s ‘Because The Internet’ album came a large amount of critics as well as a large group of anxious fans. But honestly people, it’s hard to not like this album. Gambino’s style makes you feel like a part of his album. 

When listening to the beat drop in the first few seconds, there is an immediate rush in your body, like skydiving after getting jacked up on Mountain Dew and Sour Patch Kids. I could never be more serious. 

This song is fire! But some music reviewers think otherwise.

Gambino’s album received a whopping 2 out of 10 rating by SPIN magazine, a popular music  news/ratings website. Interesting. Especially because HipHopDX gave 'Because The Internet' 4.5 out of 5.

But back to a honest music blogger’ s opinion. “Sweatpants” has the honor of being my favorite song on an album I would rate 8 out of 10. 

Click here to listen to “Sweatpants” by Childish Gambino

What would you rate the album? What’s your favorite song? Let me know by posting in the comment section below. Your opinion is just as great as anyone else!

                            Honest Ears Always Relate (H.E.A.R.)

The Watchers - B.O.B.

"And if you good at something make sure they pay you,
And if not then take a thank you.
Whether they praise you, or whether they hate you
It’s all about the attention that they pay you.”



I have mad respect for B.O.B’s older music. This mixtape was uncut and real to the core. 

                             Honest Ears Always Relate (H.E.A.R.)

"Wrecking Ball" - Cover by Lily Elise & Julia Harriman

This is bone-chilling good. After listening to this cover for the 3rd time I still had goosebumps. So it’s real people!

I heard these two were on season one of NBC’s The Voice. I am hoping they won 1st place because I can’t imagine someone being better than this. The harmonization is flawless!

Be sure to follow Lily Elise and Julia Harriman and their journey to stardom!

                             Honest Ears Always Relate (H.E.A.R)

"On Fire" - Katori Walker feat. J Hurt

Okay lets do the math:

Katori Walker + J. Hurt = Two great independent artists putting their talents together to make a fire track. 

If you haven’t heard about these two from previous blogs I have written about, this is your time to see EXACTLY what I’m talking about. You cannot sleep on these guys! 

Click here to listen to “On Fire” by Katori Walker & J. Hurt

                       Honest Ears Always Relate (H.E.A.R)

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