"Everything You Want" Vertical Horizon

I have been listening to Vertical Horizon for a time now and have come to the conclusion that "Everything You Want" isn’t just one of their most popular hits, it’s their best song.  

Vertical Horizon has been around for over two decades now, but they still seem to be a name that isn’t recognized often. I’ve always wondered why because to me, they have made some of the greatest alternative rock songs of all time.

If you aren’t sure of who Vertical Horizon is or just want to rekindle some older memories of some of their amazing tracks, check out the Vertical Horizon website. If you have Spotify, just type their name in the search bar and listen to as many tracks as you want! 

Listen here:

Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want - YouTube

Click below for the lyrics:

Everything You Want Lyric Meaning - Vertical Horizon Meanings

What do you think of “Everything You Want” and what do you think the song is about? There have been tons of different stories to come out of this song so you can even check it out for yourself! Leave your answers below!!!

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